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At Study Correction we specialize in reading proofs of your thesis – whether you write in English. We are used to treating and proofreading theses from many different disciplines, whether your thesis is of a humanistic, social or scientific nature.

Below you can read more about what proofreading of your thesis at Study proofing entails. If you are already ready to order, you can go to the order page here. You can also book a time by clicking below, so you are guaranteed that we have the capacity to read proofreading on your thesis – we also read proofreading on SRP, proofreading on master’s thesis, proofreading on PhD thesis, proofreading on bachelor – and it’s all cheap proofing.

Why get proofreading on his thesis?

For many, the Master’s thesis is the last and most important assignment to be handed in at school and university. Therefore, it is also important that formalities such as proofing aspects are top notch in order for the best result and the best character to be achieved.

We read proofreading on all kinds of tasks.

No matter what language level you are at, it is impossible to write an entire thesis without any linguistic errors. For this reason, it is important to have proofreading in his thesis in order to eliminate these errors and thus to submit a fine thesis where the content is not disturbed by linguistic and grammatical errors.

Who should read proof of thesis?

Our collaborative, selectively selected reviewers all have in-depth professional experience in proofreading academic assignments such as theses and dissertations. Therefore, when you submit your thesis for proofreading at Student Correction, you are guaranteed to have trained eyes that mock the grammatical and linguistic errors during the proofreading of your thesis with the utmost sharpness and precision.

The reason why it is important to choose professionals like us to review rather than friends or family is based on two aspects:

  • First of all, there are so many rules and paragraphs for correct language use in both English that only professionals can in practice view them all and use the rules correctly in the right context through the correction of the thesis.
  • Next, it requires sharpness through trained eyes to spot all the sources of error in proofreading a thesis, which the reviewers have special skills in, since after all they live by reading proofreading on eg. theses.
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What does proofing cost?

Our review services are divided into respectively. Standard and Premium proof, which has two different prices. Virtually all of our customers choose Premium Proof when reading proofreading on a thesis, since the price difference is relatively small compared to standard proofing.

In short, Standard Correction corrects for spelling errors, punctuation and grammar, while Premium Correction also makes minor language adjustments where necessary. For example, if there is a clumsy phrase or a word choice that is misleading, this is corrected. Our reviewers never go in and change on a wording where the change risks changing the academic content or the academic significance. If there is the slightest doubt, the area is instead marked with a comment calling for reformulation.

Below you can see the specific prices for each of the two proofing services you can choose from when you need to read proofreading in your thesis. The price is calculated per normal page of 2,400 characters incl. spaces to create a transparent scale in relation to the amount of text. If necessary, click on to our order page to get calculated price and delivery time based on how many characters are in your Word document.

You are always welcome to contact us if you have any questions or similar. Below you can reserve a time for proofreading your thesis.

Fast delivery of Study Proof

We can provide proofreading of your assignment in a very short time. In fact, we can provide proofreading of a thesis in English within a few hours, we can even offer day-to-day delivery.

You need to know that because it can be very useful, now that you are working towards a deadline.

Of course, you may also like to write or call him if you have questions about our way of reading proofs of theses and bachelor’s theses. We can try to address you in these situations including:

All of our reviewers are professional. They have years of experience reading proofreading of theses and other assignments. It is also true that they all have a linguistic background within the university and they all have a proofreading education.

In other words, you are in very safe hands if you order proof of your thesis with us at Study Correction. We have helped many students get the comma right and rephrase pasting sentences. We can offer the following proofreading.

We are, in fact, the leading proofreading company, the leading company to provide study proofing. Just look at the Trustpilot.

It was even us who started the term Study Proof, and it has since emerged as a crucial piece in the student’s study. In other words, you get to know how to write an academic assignment. We correct the Word document you send to us. We use the proofing feature, where you can see all the corrections that the reviewer made, and there are usually many, because we do not compromise on the proofreading, with us you get the best proofreading of tasks. We correct ALL mistakes, can you believe.